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Web Site Marketing

Increase Traffic for Your Web Site through Search Engine Marketing
The most common web design myth alive today is that if you build a web site, visitors will come... when the reality is that there is a vast, network known as the World Wide Web that stands between your web site and your customers. So how do customers find the products and services that they're looking for? Through the search engines. Not only do you have to get indexed in the search engines, but in today's competitive online marketplace, you need to rank well because most online searchers today only visit web sites located in the Top 30 web results.

GepCom offers web marketing services for web site owners looking to increase their bottom line. Whether you're looking for leads or selling products online, GepCom will custom design a web marketing program for that fits your needs and your budget.

Call GepCom today at 1.866.437.2661 or fill out our inquiry form to get a quote on our web marketing services!

Web Marketing
Web Marketing will turn your web site into a successful online store or lead generator by using a combination of copywriting, programming and marketing techniques. Our web marketers will examine your web site and your target audience to find the best keyword phrases that describes your products and services. Then one of our web marketers will optimize web page elements for those selected keywords and submit the optimized web pages to the search engines. Once the web site is ready, the web marketers will help you develop relationships with other web sites, standard directories and specialty niche directories that will help bring traffic to your web site.

Search Engine Copywriting
No matter what anyone tells you, content is king to the search engines. You can optimize the HTML meta tags and alt tags, but if the text on the web page doesn't reflect the keyword phrases used in the HTML tags then your web site isn't going to do well in the search engines. GepCom has experienced copywriters that will develop copy based on the keyword phrases that will bring you customers.

Programming Web Sites for Search Engines
Another element to search engine marketing is making sure that the HTML and dynamic programming languages, like PHP, are coded in a way that the search engines will be able to easily read the web pages. In order to index a site, a search engine uses a program called a spider. These spiders are very simple programs and your web site needs to be programmed so that the search engines can index your web pages easily. GepCom has experienced web programmers that will validate the HTML to search engine standards, convert certain off page elements, like navigation, to CSS styles, and optimize the meta tags and alt tags to match the keyword phrases optimized in the text.

Search Engine Marketing
Lastly, our web marketers will use search engine marketing techniques to get your web site indexed correctly and faster by the search engines through PFI (Pay For Inclusion) directories and traditional search engine submissions. Once the web site is completely indexed by the search engines, our web marketers will help you get into the standard and niche directories that will build your link popularity and boost your web traffic. Link popularity is one of the many ways search engines use to rank your web site. It's a complex set of rules that measures who is linking to you and what the value is of that link. GepCom has experienced web directory specialists that will make sure that you get links that will enhance your web marketing campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
In addition to traditional search engine optimization, our web marketing services include pay per click (PPC) management to enhance your web marketing campaign. These PPC ads are often referred to as sponsored links on many of the search engines, and are another source to bring in web traffic. Keep in mind, PPC management is something that should be done by a professional, because when you're participating in PPC campaign, you're paying for every visitor that comes through your sponsored link.

For example, if you're bidding $0.30/click for the word "widgets" and 100 visitors click through your sponsored link, you would spend $30.

Many web site owners have incurred thousands of dollars because they didn't know how to properly approach their PPC campaign. GepCom has PPC management experts that have run many successful PPC campaigns on Google Ad Words, Overture, Sprinks,, and more.

GepCom will design for you a custom marketing plan based on your market, budget, and web site. Our web marketing services will increase the traffic to your web site by optimizing your pages and promoting you through all the search options.

Call GepCom today at 1.866.437.2661 or fill out our inquiry form to get a quote on our web marketing services!



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