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Portfolio of Customers and Case Studies

Static Web Sites - A custom web site for a Bahammas time share and hotel resort. This site is acutally part of a 6 site family. Each has the same look and feel with subtle changes in the header format giving each site its own identity. This site will also be connected through timeshareware to provide real time information to time share owners. - This Informational website for medical prep courses was developed as a static HTML site as stepping stone to an E-Commerce site. The site was a complete redesign. The original site was not producing any significant results. GepCom arranged the photography of all products for inclusion in the web site and worked closely with the Dr. and Mrs. Youel to create an informative and functional web site that helped significantly increase sales and inquiries for training.

E-Commerce - A model case study of how a successful brick and mortar corporation can skyrocket profits by implementing an effective on-line presence. This company sells OEM licensed and Custom designed license plates. The original sales model was through retailers and dealerships. GepCom was brought in to develop a state of the art online marketplace where consumers can design their own license plate during the order process. Key features include, license plate designer, EZ checkout routine, and pictures of the product ordered right on the order receipt. - An entry level Dynamic Shopping cart package. A good example of product line expansion forcing site redesign. The Book P.C. began as a static V-Cart site with only a few products. As the business prospered through web sales, the product line grew. Adding each new product required the html editing. GepCom provided an entry level dynamic shopping cart that allowed the client to add, modify, and delete products with no need to edit html code and integrated features such as Live Help to help enrich the shopping experience.

 JSP/Java - A simple presentation with a extremely powerful resume management and distribution system. This system automatically creates resume matches with jobs and emails the appropriate recruiter when a match occurs. PDF documents are created on the fly with logo watermarking and certain data excluded allowing the automatic distribution of resumes with out losing the ability to collect a commission. 0


Boston Auto Transport (site private) - GepCom developed an entire auto transport management system in ASP. The system tracks orders, clients, loads and much more. The client can conduct business from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

 Java and C++ GepCom has developed several internal systems for Motorola, including bug tracking software, Manufacturing Execution Systems, and a global knowledge base for software.

 Perl - This meta search engine retrieves search results for 6 major search engines and eliminated duplicate results within each search.

 PHP - GepCom has designed and implemented a complete order taking and fulfillment system for the ShopAmerica Network. Utilizing a variation of our Dynamic Shopping Cart, GepCom provided an interface where operators can take client orders over the phone. All the client information is stored and retreived utilizing customer phone numbers. Eliminating the need for client passwords. Ancillary benifits included the capability of seeing customer order history while taking customer orders. This allows operators to make upsell sugestions to the customer based on previous orders.

Client Showcase
(Click on image to view) - Custom licenseplates online catalog - Laboratory Supplies online catalog -
Sells Trainging and Prep for Medical Board Exams.


AeroLocator -
Search engine for aircraft parts

Best Restaraunt Jobs -
Custom licenseplates online catalog

SwingersInTouch -
Matchmaking site for swinging couples


VirtualLoads -
Site for rating automobile transporters and rating their service


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