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Auction Software

Our auction software gives you more options, control and flexibility than any other auction product available. You have the ability to create multiple pricing schemes that you can then apply to different groups that you create. Codes entered at registration can automatically place users in specific groups which have their own special pricing plans. Run promotions to attract new users without losing your current pricing schemes for existing customers. You have easy and concise control of all text on your site through the admin panel. If your site is not going to be in english you can translate the site the way you want without sifting through program code or hiring someone to do it for you. You can also add multiple languages to your site and give your clients the ability to choose which language they wish to view your site in. There are no translation modules to buy. Just get into the admin and personalize your site's text the way you want it. Give your site it's own uniqueness by creating your own auction template, or simply use our default "Ebay-like" template. Your site doesn't have to look like everyone else's when you use our web auction software.

GepCom will install and configure your web auction software as well as customize the look and feel. You don't have to be a web expert to get you very own web auction up and running! Click here to see an example of a custom web auction site from GepCom!






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