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Oracle Database Programming

GepCom's engineering staff have been instrumental in the development and installation of hundreds of Oracle database applications. Our applications have been used for manufacturing data and control systems, newspaper production and distribution, inventory control and business decision analysis. When performance and dependability are crucial factors in your database project, Oracle is usually the database of choice.

Oracle's relational database was the world's first to support the Structured Query Language (SQL), now an industry standard. When CEO Lawrence J. Ellison and a few associates formed Oracle in 1977, they were out to prove wrong the prevailing theory that relationship databases could not be commercially viable. Today, as proof of their success, they've parlayed an initial $2,000 investment in the company into an annual revenue exceeding $9.7 billion.
Oracle targets high-end workstations and minicomputers as the server platforms on which to run its database systems. Along with Sun Microsystems, Oracle has long been a champion of network computers. It now boasts that it was the world's first software company to develop and deploy 100 percent Internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: database, server, enterprise business applications, and application development and decision support tools.

Many Fortune 500 companies depend on Oracle to run their businesses. Some of Oracle's features that have helped make it so successful are:

Portability - Oracle can run on a large number of hardware/software installations.
Improved Web Development - Oracle8i has many new features that make it easier to develop Web-based applications, which in turn are easier for end-users to access.
Parallel Server Support - Oracle can be used in a parallel server configuration (used to distribute the load placed on the database by high demand).
Sophisticated Backup and Recovery - Oracle offers a high degree of reliability in backing up the database and recovering information stored in the database when a failure occurs.
Development and CASE Tools - Oracle has a wide collection of development tools and CASE tools that work well with the back-end database.
Trusted Oracle - In critically sensitive and confidential environments, Oracle offers a high degree of security.

Oracle Products: Oracle has a wide variety of products that work with the Oracle Database Server. Examples range from CASE tools, such as Designer 2000, to Office Automation Tools, such as Oracle Office.

Developer/2000, Discoverer, SQL*Plus are front-end tools to develop sophisticated applications. Oracle Financials, Oracle Manufacturing, and Oracle HR are enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for finance, manufacturing, and human resource functions respectively. Designer2000 is a CASE tool for Data modeling as well as generating fully developed applications. SQL* Loader, Server Manager, Enterprise manager, and Import/export are tools and utilities to assist database administration.

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